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Visualising Air Quality Data

Many companies seek to install IAQ monitoring systems for the sole purpose of being compliant with the governing authority and 'To be seen to do the right thing'.

This is in some respects a very good approach but many employers/companies fail to take any significant actions in regard to IAQ awareness within the workplace itself. 

Logging into a cloud dashboard and downloading IAQ reports does not in itself inform any particular employee of poor air quality in the workplace on a given day.

We provide many solutions that creates this awareness through our touchscreens, local sensor displays, cloud dashboards and Building Managements Systems if there is one installed.

Indoor Air Quality Graph
Desktop Air Quality Monitor
Touchscreen Monitor for CO2
Dashboard CO2 Graphs
Air Quality Monitor Touchscreen
Air Quality Monitor Dashboard
Air Quality Monitor Touchscreen
First Row

Local Touch Screen Display

Create the awareness that workers need in the workplace by providing them with the current status of ambient air quality  on our touchscreens. The traffic light colour coding enables the user to quickly determine whether their workplace requires additional ventilation like opening window,door or increasing the mechanical ventilation if there is one installed. A simple touch of the value on the screen gives the user a 12 hour graph of the parameters for that space. Our touchscreens do not rely on the availability of internet or wifi, they are connected via Modbus TCP/IP over the local network.

Visio-16  (15.6" Touchscreen)

This is the latest addition to our comprehensive portfolio of touchscreens and can be mounted directly on a wall or on a stand on a desk. The screen boasts a high resolution of 1920 X 1080pix which gives the user the refinement and sharpness that is expected nowadays.

Our display even gives the user a choice of how their information looks on the screen. A simple touch of a button take you from circles to rectangles and vica versa.

Visio-10  (10" Touchscreen)

This screen provides all the functionality of the 15.6" screen and can either be flush-mounted in the wall or surface-mounted in a customised enclosure. We can provide a stainless steel or customised perspex bezel to suit your particular requirements.

Depending on the application, whether its a school or offices we can offer numerous different types of graphical dashboards and also provide a cloud service for historical data retrieval and reports.

Air Quality Dashboard
What is Co2

Click image to enlarge

Air quality Dashboard

Touchscreen Trendgraphs

The touchscreen has the facility to provide the user with graphs of the various parameters for each space.If the user requires additional historical data or wishes to download data we have a cloud service available whereby multiple options are available.

Visio-10 Touchscreen Monitor
Co2 Graph
CO2 Trendgraphs

Adjustable Setpoints

Visio-7  (7" Touchscreen)

The 7" screen has the same specifications as the 10" screen only that it is slightly smaller. It is suitable for a school with up to 12 classrooms or a commercial building with up to 12 offices/meeting rooms etc.

The screen can be customised to display air quality information screens or can be customised to show an advertisement for a product or a company's services. As with the 10" screen, a 24 hour graph of each parameter can be displayed by simply touching the value.

Visio-7 Air quality Monitor
Air Quality Control Measures

Visio-3 Touchscreen

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Once a user has the correct password they can either change the name of any of the rooms, change the alarm setpoints  and can even change the delay time for these alarms. All setpoints are viewable without a password.

IAQ Touchscreen Settings

This touchscreen facilitates hard-wired sensors rather than wireless sensors and can be configured to read any type of sensor. It has dynamic alarm screens, trendlogs, event log and many more.

It is a popular choice for very small applications where the air quality is critical and the functionality is more for alarming than just monitoring.

CO2 Alarm Monitor
CO2 Touchscreen Alarm Monitor
2nd Row

Building Management Systems (BMS)

Our gateway is miles ahead of the competition by having the facility to convert all your data and making it available over Modbus and or Bacnet connection to your BMS. The gateway provides two ethernet ports and an RS485 port to allow you to connect your BMS or scada system. Your BMS systems integrator can then display your data any way you want, whether its on graphs or customised dashboard.

Building Management System
Network Architecture

We at Critical-Environments have extensive experience in BMS integrations and can provide the support you require in exporting your data to your BMS.

Fourth Row

Air Quality Sensor Status

The simplest and most direct way of creating awareness of poor air quality is by the local AQ sensor itself. We at Critical-Environment have carried out comprehensive testing of sensors from many different manufacturers and have consequently chose the best sensors that give the user an  unambiguous status of the ambient  air quality.

Tektelic Breeze

This sensor measures CO2, Temperature, Humidity, Luminosity and atmospheric pressure. The sensor can be purchased with a display module which connects automatically to the sensor via bluetooth, thus displaying the current CO2, Temperature and humidity readings.

This display module can be wall-mounted or placed on a stand on a desk (as seen below).

The AQ is easily readable and keeps the user informed of the current levels of CO2, Temperature and humidity. It also has the facility to change the contrast of the background depending on the AQ status.


A very unique sensor with a 20mm LED in the centre. This LED changes colour from green (healthy) to amber (warning) and red (alarm).

Because of the power consumption of the LED, this sensor has to be powered from a local power supply. This sensor is particularly useful in a classroom or lecture theatre where you would have a large number of people in one space. The sensor also has an audible buzzer which is activated when the CO2 levels go to high. (This feature can be disabled if required).

Nexelec Sense

This sensor requires a power supply from a local USB because of its multi-function capabilities.

This sensor can read temperature, CO2, Humidity, PM1, PM2.5, PM10, VOC, average noise and luminosity. This sensor has a miniature LED in one of the diamond-shaped holes on the front and like the Mutelcore, uses the colors green, amber and red to indicate the AQ status.

This sensor can be wall-mounted or simply placed on a desk or cabinet for easy viewing.


School CO2 Monitor

Nexelec Sense

Nexelex CO2 Sensor

Tektelic Breeze

Air Quality Sensor

Cloud Platform

Whatever your requirements are, we have several cloud services to offer our customers depending on what their requirements are.

We can display your data any way you want whether its a bar chart, line graph or just a building layout showing all your IAQ sensors.

Do you want to download your data for further analysis? No problem, we can customise your cloud dashboard the way you want and with our experience with touchscreen solutions we can make it simple and intuitive.

Combination Dashboard

Air Quality Cloud Dashboard


With our dashboards, it is easy to setup warning and alarm thresholds so that when your air quality (CO2, VOC or PM10) exceeds a pre-determined setpoint, an email is sent to you advising you of the current IAQ status.

This facility is particularly useful when the the IAQ status is not visible in the work place.

Download your Data

The user can choose the dates required for the data, choose the format ie. excel, CSV or Json and hit the 'Download' button. Its as easy as that.

If scheduled reports are required, the scheduler can be setup to email the data to you on a regular basis

Trendchart of Multiple Values

CO2 Trendgraph
3rd Row
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