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Visio-4 Alarm Functions

Visio-4 Touchscreen
Cleanroom Warning Message

Warning Screen

Cleanroom Alarm Message

Alarm Screen

4 Channel Cleanroom Touchscreen

Alarm Features

Alarm history
Pressure profile
Clinical Suite
Operating Theatre
Isolation Room

Choice of up to 4 homepage options

Amber screen displays as a warning

Red screen displays when in alarm

Alarm message screen displays in alarm

Integrated Audible buzzer

Volt-free contacts for remote alarms

Adjustable delay times for warnings

Adjustable delay times for alarms

Adjustable alarm setpoints

Flashing icon for unacknowledged alarms

Visio-4 User Options
(Operator Level)

The intuitive menus in the Visio-4 allows the end-user to easily change the operation to a sleep/setback mode whereby the monitoring of sensors is suspended until such time that the room is back in use or the process in the room is back in option. When the room status is selected as non-occupied the home screen will not display any values only a message showing that the room monitoring is in setback mode (See image below)

Below-left is an extract from the setup manual which explains how the user can disable/enable the audible buzzer and adjust the mute time.

Room Pressure Monitor

Visio-4 Alarm Configuration
(Engineering Level)

The configuration of the alarm thresholds can only be accessed with the engineering password. Once the engineering menu screen has become visible the user can select which channel to be configured. The channels that are not in use will not be visible on the menu (Select dip switches at the back of the screen to enable additional channels.)
Below is an extract from the setup manual which explains how the user can setup the alarm thresholds for both the warning screen and alarm screen.

Cleanroom Monitor

Visio-4 Alarm Contacts

Alarm Contacts for Cleanroom Monitor

The alarm contacts are rated for 24vdc only.

The installer can choose to use the normally open or normally closed contacts.

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