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Visio-4 Touchscreen Monitor

Visualise your critical parameters with the market-leading Visio-4 touchscreen. Installed in isolation rooms and cleanrooms rooms across Europe. Its unique traffic light colours gives the user real-time status of their critical environment and alerts them when the parameters deviate from the pre-defined values.

Cleanroom Monitor
Cleanroom Pressure profile

Traffic light colours to indicate status.
Slim design with stainless steel bezel.
Intuitive interface using icons and simple menus.
4 Homepage configurations to choose from.
Comprehensive alarm functionality.

Building Management System
Pressure Control
Room Humidity Alarm
Room temperature Alarm

Flush-mount model

Cleanroom Monitor

Surface-mount model

Visio-4 Brochure
First Row

Homepage Display Options

Whether you have one parameter to display or four parameters to display the Visio-4 has multiple options for your application. A cleanroom would typically have Pressure, Temperature and Relative humidity sensors so the Visio-4 can be configured as a 3 channel.
This configuration is done by setting 2 dip switches at the rear of the unit at the time when the unit is initially setup.
Cleanroom Monitoring
Cleanroom Monitor
Cleanroom Pressure Monitor
Cleanroom Monitoring Solution

1 Channel Screen

3 Channel

2 Channel

4 Channel Screen

Intuitive Interface 

Touchscreens are now the norm on most electronic devices both at the consumer level and industrial market sectors. Because of this we expect ICON menu buttons which is exactly what the Visio4 has to enable seamless navigation of all product features and options.
Room Pressure Monitor
Cleanroom Touchscreen
Cleanroom Monitoring Solution

Comprehensive Alarm Functions

The Visio-4 has multiple options when it comes to providing a Warning or Alarm to the personnel that need to know the system status.

            Traffic Light Colours to indicate System status.
            Flashing screen messages indicating the Alarm.
            Audible Alarm which can be muted locally or remotely.
            Volt-free alarm contacts for SMS module or BMS

Room Pressure Alarm
Room Pressure Monitor
Room Pressure
What is a Cleanroom?

Alarm parameters

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