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Visio-3 Flush-mounted

The flush-mounting Visio-3 option is the preferred method of installation in a cleanroom environment whereby the surface area for dust settlement is minimised. The Visio-3  only requires 27mm of wall depth which leaves a mere 12mm of a Bezel exposed in the cleanroom.

The bezel is available in stainless steel 316L or powder-coated white.

Stainless steel bezel
Visio-3 Touchscreen Monitor


Visio-3 Touchscreen Dimensions

General Mounting Instructions

General Mounting Requirements

Visio-3 Installation

The unit is delivered to you as a single unit.  It must be carefully dis-assembled before installation.
This version of the Visio-3 is manufactured for flush-mounting onto partition walls.  To accommodate it’s installation, a cut-out 144.5mm long x 107mm high x 30mm minimum depth must be cut in the  partition wall (circa 1.5m above floor level).
The bezel assembly is connected to the terminal connection box with a proprietary communication cable which must be installed in the partition.  The terminal connection box is normally located in the ceiling above the bezel assembly.  The installer must ensure that the cable connector is adequately protected from grit, dirt etc. as it is being installed in the wall.

Touchscreen Dis-assembly

Visio-3 Bezel

A suitable location such as a table or workbench should be used when dis-assembling the Visio-3.The bezel is connected to the wall mounting bracket with 2 No. flush grub screws which have  hexagonal type sockets.
The grub screws should be opened anticlockwise using a 2mm allen key (not supplied) until a maximum of 4-5mm of each grub screw is visible.  

Do not remove the grub screws entirely from the bezel. Both the bezel and the wall-mounting bracket are now easily separated from the back box.

(See item 6)

Cut-out in Partition Wall

Visio-3 Wall Bracket

The mounting bracket should be used as a template to mark-out the 144.5mm long x 107mm high cut-out on the partition wall.Appropriate cutting tools should be used to form the 144.5mm long x 107mm high cut-out.There are 10 No. 5mm holes pre-drilled in the wall mounting bracket. A minimum of 2 No. screws should be inserted in the pre-drilled holes in each side of the bracket to ensure an even and firm mounting of the bracket.

Visio-3 Touchscreen

Proprietary Cable Connection

The proprietary communication cable is 3 metres in length and should be installed in the wall partition. (The 25 pin D-type connecters cannot be removed and it is not recommended to cut the cable and rejoin with connnectors.)
The communication cable has a male connector on one end and a female on the other.

The female connector should be connected to the male sub-D-connector on the back-box.

The two locking screws on both the male and connector must be tightened to ensure a secure connection.


Installation of the Back Box

The back-box (and connected communication cable) are inserted into the wall mounting bracket. The back-box should be gently pushed home until each of the 4 No. back-box ‘side-tabs’ touch the mounting bracket. 

There is no requirement to fix the backbox with screws.

Isolation room

Securing the Touchscreen & Bezel

The inside edge of the top of the bezel has 2 studs which are used to “hook” the bezel on to the wall bracket. Once the studs are located on the protruding flaps of the wall bracket, the bezel can be gently rotated so that the bottom of the bezel fits over the bottom of the wall bracket.

The two grub screws on the underside of the bezel should be tightened (clockwise) using a 2mm allen key (not supplied) until the tip of the grub screw is flush with the bezel.  Do not over tighten the grub screws. 

In the Box

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