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Visio-3 Touchscreen Monitor

The Visio-3 is a resistive type touchscreen which can facilitate up to 3 environmental variables, typically pressure,temperature, humidity and many more.

It is suitable for a wide number of applications and  market sectors where critical environmental parameters need to be monitored and displayed.

It is packed with features such as trendlogs, user notepad and comprehensive alarm functions.

Surface-mounted Touchscreen for cleanrooms
Flush-mounted Touchscreen for Cleanrooms
Cleanroom Touchscreen Monitor



Visio-3 Operation Manual

Visio-3 Wiring Guidelines

First Row

Homepage Display Options

The Visio-3 will have been setup to display one of the two homepages displayed below. The priority 1-2-3 homepage is normally used when 2 or 3 sensors are deemed critical and an alarm is required when any sensor deviates from its setpoint. The Priority-1 homepage is used when there is only one sensor critical and the other sensors are used for monitoring purposes only.
Visio-3 Touchscreen Homepage

Intuitive Interface 

The Visio-3 was designed and built with the end-user in mind. Intuitive menus using icons similar to mobile phones makes navigation through the screens very simple. Even the engineering screens and configuration of the touchscreen can easily be done without the use of a manual.
Operator Menu.tif
Engineering Menu.tif

On-screen Memo Pad

The Memo Pad feature is very useful for for both operators and engineers. It is particularly useful for recording annual calibrations dates or any changes made to the system. Operators can use this facility to record a comment on recent alarms or events so that the next shift are aware. The memo pad can accommodate up to 8 notes
Touchscreen Monitor Memo Pad
2nd Row

Trendlog of values for 12 hours

When the user presses the real-time value on the screen, a new page will appear which will show a graph of the value for the previous 12 hours. The graph automatically scales between the lowest and highest recorded value in that 12 hour period. The Visio-3 takes a sample every 10 minutes and automatically overwrites values when the 12 hour time limit has passed. It is important to understand that the Visio-3 is not a replacement for a Building Management System which would normally have comprehensive Trendlog features.
Touchscreen Monitor Trendgraph

Comprehensive Alarm Functions

The alarm functions available on the Visio-3 combined with the simplicity of the product makes it an uncontested option when choosing a solution for monitoring critical environments. The Visio-3 has 3 volt-free contacts that are rated for 230 volt and can be setup as fail-safe via the engineering menus. The built in buzzer has a different tone for each channel and can be muted locally or remotely. As well as the traffic light colours which indicate a parameter status, the Visio-3 has the facility to display a dynamic alarm screen showing a descriptive alarm message. The user has a choice of 10 alarm messages to use on alarm.
Touchscreen Alarm Message

Event Log

The Event Log screen is used to view historical activity on the Visio-3 and can be a very useful tool in diagnosing potential problems on a system. The operator cannot make any changes to the Event Log but merely view the recorded events.
It gives the user detailed historical information regarding the nature of an alarm or warning and when the event occurred.
The event log holds approx 100 entries afterwhich the oldest is overwritten by new events.
See extract from operation manual below.
Touchscreen Monitor Event Log
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