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Visio-4 Touchscreen Specifications


Alarm Screens
Analog Inputs
Remote Mute Input

Alarm Contacts
Aux Power Supply
Audible Alarm

Password Access
Display Options
Room Description
Mounting Options

----Uses traffic light colouring (Green-Amber-Red)
----4 No inputs (4-20mA & 0-10Volt

----Volt-free contact to be used
----4 No Volt-free contacts (N/O & N/C)
----24 Volt DC for sensors & actuator drive
----Internal Buzzer with on-screen mute
----2 levels of access (Operator & Engineering)
----4 homepage configurations
----40+pre-configured room names (Customisable)
----Flush or Surface Mounting


Power Supply
Elec Connections
Cable Glanding
Fuse Rating
Alarm Contacts
Analog Inputs

----24 Volt DC +/- 20% (0v to earth)
----CSA of 1.5mm or 15 AWG
----Termination box has 20mm knockouts
----2 Amp (This is only used for sensors)
----1 Amp @ 24 Volts DC
----4-20mA or 0-10 Volt DC


Display Type
Colour Depth

----Capacitive touchscreen
----640 X 480
----290 CD/M2 (Dims on no activity)


Visio-4 Touchscreen dimensions


Radiated Emissions:
Radiated Immunity:

CE Approved


Wiring Guidelines

Visio-4 Touchscreen wiring details
3d model of Visio-4 Touchscreen

Surface-mounting Model

In the event that the touchscreen cannot be mounted flush in the wall, the surface-mounted Visio-4 can be used.The enclosure is aesthetically pleasing and comes in a satin white colour which can be customised if required.

We also offer customised solutions if there is a requirement for more than one screen. These can be incorporated into a single stainless steel enclosure (see image below)

Visio-4 Enclosure dimensions
Cleanroom Monitor

The mounting bracket provided with the unit can be easily mounted on a single gang flush-mounted back box. The Visio-3 touchscreen unit can then be clipped on and off the mounting bracket for maintenance if required.

The bracket supplied eliminates the need for the installer to open or take apart the touchscreen unit during the install.

Mounting bracket for Visio-4 Touchscreen
Mounting Bracket
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